Civil Engineering
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Civil Engineering

High school “Shtjefën Gjeçovi” Laç
Reconstruction of sports complex “Fier Shegan”
Urban recovery of sports spaces municipal Lushnjë
“Adem Vrapi” High School Roskovec
“Alush Grepcka” Gymnasium, Roskovec
“Karbunare e Vogël” School, Lushnjë
“24 Maji” School, Vlorë
“Kajo Karafili” School, Maminas
“10 Korriku” School, Dushk
Student Dormitories RSU No.6
The reconstruction of housing units in Kombinat
The reconstruction of housing units in Manëz
The reconstruction of housing units in Vorë
“16th September” School
Facade cladding with the cavity system in Elbasan
“Shaban Sheshori” School, Prezë
“Thanas Bozo” School, Kolonjë

Other objects

Construction of 9-year school Helmes Kavaja 20,259,456
Reconstruction of Fiershegan Water Supply, Dushk (CARDS 2001) 20,118,938
Full reconstruction of the Q.stafa stadium field 13.417.164
Paving Asphalt road Karbunare 38 650 700
Construction of private facility Isa Kumria 85,186,650
Construction secondary school Scanderbeg town Krujë 28.478.872
Reconstruction of high school “Dhimitër Mimo” Bubullimë 47.518.206
Reconstruction of the 9-year school Gose (Gose Commune) 35,379,737
Reconstruction of kindergarten No.29 Architect Kasemi Phase 1, (Municipality of Tirana) 39.273.109
Reconstruction of the premises of ZQRPP 15.797.444
Office construction and work space at Guard Command 26,154,300
Recovery of special unit in the garden of the republic 9,716,928
Urban recreation of sports space 48,726,855
Reconstruction of the high school “At Shtjefen Gjecovi” Lac 155,384,955
Reconstruction of schools and playgrounds Fier Shegan 97,058,102
Reconstruction of the building, gymnasium and sports facilities of the 9-year school Gjin Pjetri, Kurbin Municipality 98,490,697