Water Supply & Sanitation
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Water Supply & Sanitation

The construction of the internal and external water supply network of Laç.

Other objects

Construction Water supply 7 villages of Karbunare, Lushnjë (Foreign Network) 68.324.789
Construction Water Supply Fiershegan, Lushnja 33,346,728
CWC 073 Rubble Dam Rehabilitation (Ministry of Agriculture) 16,762,874
CWC 013/2 Rehabilitation of Reserv. of the canals of Cetas Digest 11,512,853
CWC 087 Rehabilitation of the Reserve Dam. of Sharrdushk 18,217,176
CWC 162 Rehabilitation of the Dam Dam. of Tarin (Ministry of Agriculture) 23,832,223
CWC 191 Rehabilitation of the Ujita net Reservoir. Liza, Kavaja 19,912,380
Construction Water supply 7 villages, Karbunare (Inside network) 49,999,880
Construction of Toshkëz Water Supply, Lushnjë (Allkaj Commune) 75,895,704
Construction of Shegas Village Water Supply, Golem Lushnja Commune 22,830,844
Rehabilitation of Vehcan Reservoir, Municipality of Hotolisht (Ministry of Agriculture) 4,717,322
Rehabilitation of reservoir Hotolisht, Municipality of Hotolisht 4,226,234
KUZ of village Marqinër, Gërdec (Municipality Vora) 90,100,630
Rehabilitation of Kafaraj wells 113,909,193
Construction of the Picar Dedej Water Supply (Vora Municipality) 41,220,243
Distribution Network Marikaj Waterway (Vora Municipality) 42,124,393
“S.P. Regional Water Supply VORE-GJOKAJ-PICAR-DEDEJ” (Municipality Vora) 110,920,260
Reconstruction of the Water Supply Center Zall Bastar 21,011,240
Reconstruction of Karbunare water supply 25,222,048
Reconstruction of the village water supply Bridge-Gurra-Kalia and water supply of the neighborhood Roshaj, Skrep village 8,914,440
Construction of a water supply network in the area bordered by the roads: “Idriz Dollaku” Zhegu, Isuf Seferi, Ismet Gusia and Tanush Topia 19,900,945
Rehabilitation of dams of Petrushë reservoir, Korça district 30,328,260
Reconstruction of the Water Canal, Grizhë – Koplik, Shkodër 65,757,103
Construction Water Depot 600 m3, Domje village, (Municipality Vora) 8,723,489
Reconstruction and Installation of the irrigation channel and high water reservoirs in Gjokaj 12,716,530